Music Notation Course

Music Notation Course

Create beautiful looking music notes on your PC…… anybody can do it!

Just 5 lessons and you will easily create, print and share music notes on your PC. Suitable for music teachers/students/composers/music publishing

You will learn to produce professional looking lead sheets, instrument score (piano/drums/guitar/etc)……GUARANTEED.


For details,

Lead Sheet

Jazz Piano Score

Guitar Tab

For details,

Dont’ teach music with scribbled notes.  Personalize your classes with professionally written music exercises. Share to multiple platforms!

Scribbled Notes

Done using PC


I would strongly recommend the coaching by Tim Lee on the Music Software Notation Course as he is able to coach and educate me during this on online course with simplicity using step by step approach.
Man Lee
Piano Teacher
In the past, I put in a lot of effort hand writing on music manuscripts for students. It didn't look as good as software written. Students always compare to drum music books and materials on the internet. Prior to taking this course, I downloaded a music notation software. Learning to use it was difficult. After going through the course with Tim Lee, I can pen my musical ideas in digital form. I strongly recommend this to today's musicians. Do check it out!
CW Lam
Principal, Guidance Musical

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