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Sound Engineering

GSUS has been very helpful in providing professional training in sound engineering. Our church has been blessed to have Timothy and his team to assist us in training our PA men through the Sound Engineering Class. The theoretical principles as well as practical hands-on trainings has helped our PA men to serve better in the PA ministry. As such, we recommend other churches and ministries to consider GSUS as the priority music and PA service provider and consultant in times to come.

Timothy and the GSUS team has done a great job. Compliments!!

Michael Kok Howe Phoon
Soundman, New Generation Harvest Church, Belakong

Sound Engineering Level 1

I personally have learned a lot from the training conducted by G.sus. The technical knowledge and practical hands-on had helped me to better understand and handle the church PA System. I am bless by the training provided by the team and may they continue to bless others as they have bless me with. Thank you and keep up the wonderful works!

Caleb Chung Kok Heng
Soundman, Harvest Christian Assembly, Klang

We are priviledged to host the 1st ever Sound and Jazz Training by G.sus in Sabah and under the tutelage of Bro. Timothy himself. We had a good number of participants from churches in Kota Kinabalu also.

The courses on Sound Engineering Level 1 and Jazz Harmony Level 2 are well structured and are suited for churches especially with contemporary band settings. Our worship team benefitted greatly in knowing the fundamental and basic of the right way of getting the sound together and playing as one. The Jazz Harmony sessions gave us insight to a whole new universe of coloring of the music we play.

On a personal note as a player and a keen sound enthusiast I was greatly blessed for the refresher on Sound Engineering and learning new stuff on Jazz Harmony. I now have a whole year to practice what is being learned before Timothhy comes back again. He also gave us some useful recommendations on upgrading of our sound system.

So I would readily recommend G.sus and Bro. Timothy to any church in equipping and training your worship ministry. God Bless.

In His Service,

Sunny Kelvin
Worship Overseer, Calvary Charismatic Centre, Kota Kinabalu

In September 06, we have ask Gsus to upgrade our sound system with limited budget that was alocated by the church. I thank the Gsus sales personnel for their recomendation within our limited budget. It is much better now compare to our previous system. Thanks for their advice and recommemdation.

Ps Joshua Lee
Senior Pastor, Faith Covernant Tabernacle

G.sus is a spiritual and yet a professional company. We are well satisfied of the service, professionalism and the integrity of the well trained professionals in the company. I highly recommend their services and expertise.

Ps Jeremiah
Senior Pastor, Life Harvest Assembly ( Chow Kit Branch )

The services provided by G.sus is good and reliable. We purchase a sound system for our church recently and we found that the job was done well and professionally. The system met the needs of the church given the limited budget the church had. We are thankfull for Gsus and would like to recommend their services to the other churches.

Rev Sheng Peng Hui
Senior Pastor, Harvest Community Church, Muar

Sound Engineering Level 1

I'm Lee Mou from Kepong Chinese Methodist Church in KL. Unlike other PA courses I attended, I gained practical hands-on experience from the Sound Engineering Course provided by G.SUS. They give concentrated and effective training to small groups, and tailor-made the trainings into different levels to suit our understanding and progress in the sound ministry. I personally like the training approach that follows up with church visit to help us in understanding and applying the stuffs we learnt. Thanks and keep it up GSUS.

Lee Mou
Soundman, Kepong Chinese Methodist Church

"We recently bought some speakers and other equipment to improve our PA system in our church through G.SUS. I must say that when it comes to servicing or repairing, G.SUS has tirelessly gone out of the way even on Sundays to help us. We are particularly thankful for the times when we needed something done before an event such as a concert in our church, and sometimes even under such short notice, G.SUS has never failed so far to meet our needs. The quality of the equipment bought are of good quality and reasonable in price as the founder of G.SUS, Timothy Lee, has not only good technical experience but musically as well and is knowledgeable when it comes to recommending the best equipment and also the best way to install it in your church."  

Gideon Yong
Assistant/Worship Pastor,
Gereja Glory AOG Salak South KL

Community Baptist Church, P.J. underwent some extensive renovations in 1998. We tore down the roof of two shop lots and convert the upstairs of the two lots into one big hall without obstructing pillars in the centre.

To complement the new hall, we believed that the church should have a reasonably good sound system within our budgetary constraint. We commissioned Timothy Lee-GSUS to install the sound system after finding that his quotation was competitive and furthermore being a musician himself we have someone who understood the needs of the musicians and singers.

The church is very pleased with the system installed and after a good 6 years now, the whole set including the microphones are still performing well.

Stephen Choi

"The service provided by Bro Timothy of GSUS was excellent.  He has helped us to purchase a PA system of good quality within our budget.  With his wide knowledge of the product he has shown his professionalism in setting up the system in our church."

Rev. Chris Lee
Senior Pastor,
Methodist Charis Community Point

"I have known Timothy Lee (The Man behind G-SUS) for about 10 years now. Kajang Assembly of God has been sourcing musical equipment including PA Systems from him for many years.  He has been able to provide good service, as well as sound advice to the church with regards to the selection of equipment and its usage."

"Through Tim, we have also been able to send our Soundmen for some formal training, which has helped them to be better equipped at what they do.  Besides that, we have also been able to arrange for vocal lessons for our worship team through him in the past."

"Tim has the contacts & is well networked in the local Christian Music Scene. If you require assistance with regards to setting up your PA System, purchase of musical equipment or even trying to secure the services of a Christian live band for a function, I recommend you to contact Tim!"

Robert Cheliah
Music Director,
Kajang Assembly

When our church was being built, we were looking for a new and good yet
affordable sound system suitable for holding mid size concerts for 500
people besides normal worship services. GSUS under Timothy Lee provided the
best recommendations and reasonable prices. The installations and
commissioning were completed within the time schedule. We have held three
very successful concerts since moving into the new building and the sound
has been incredible. We have significant extra power to boost it even
further. I highly recommend the services of GSUS.

Rev. Aris Siew
Senior Pastor,
Praise City Church

Training Courses

Feedback on Kok Yen's Dr Drum Workshop

The workshop was structured and well prepared with helpful notes and actual demonstration.   The Q&A session was good and everyone has a chance for a short individual session on the drum.  Overall, the session has been fruitful and professionally carried it out.  I would highly recommend Kok Yen for any churches that would like to elevate their drummers' technical skills.

Feedback on Timothy's Training

Over 2 weeks, Timothy has successfully and effectively carried out the modules of training planned for FBC, namely Jazz Harmony, Sound Engineering & Ensemble Training.  The sessions and course contents are of high professional standard, yet with flexibility to tailor made for the needs of FBC.  Timothy's approach to technical training has been very hands on and practical, getting everyone out of their comfort zone by pushing the team to a higher level of skill.  He has helped set a yardstick of excellence for worship leaders, musicians and sound engineers.  We look forward to future working together with Gsus to make an impact in our nation's creative arts domain.

Ooi Peik See
FBC Worship Team
First Baptist Church Kuching

"Our music team gained substantially from our sessions with Timothy. Apart from learning the skills of playing as a team and having each instrument finding it's place within the band (instead of all clashing with one another), the one other thing we benefited was realising the team's potential. There was so much more we could do as a team, and the music we were producing sounded much better. I also appreciated the 'balanced' approach to making good music, where spiritual significance and submission to church leadership (including worship leaders) are treated with equal emphasis."

Toe Ju-Li
Worship Leader
New Life Restoration Center , Cheras.

"I have benefitted from the ensemble training, especially in terms of band dynamics awareness. Also, since the entire team trained together, we developed a kind of 'common understanding' to intentionally make the music more alive. It's easier now for the team to work out the songs and get creative. Our training session also helped reinforced discipline & punctuality, both things which we tend to be slack in when we get too comfortable."

Katherine Chiang
New Life Restoration Center , Cheras

Products and Services

"Apart from knowing Timothy of G.SUS as a brother and serving in the same church; I also had the opportunity to work with him on producing a few series of pre-school musical CDs for my group of kindergartens. My R&D team and I were really pleased with Timothy's professionalism in ensuring the high quality of the CDs as well as in meeting all the stringent deadlines. We especially appreciated Timothy for going the 2nd/3rd mile to make sure that all CDs are delivered to us on time.

Keep up the great job, brother!"

Esther Yong
General Manager (Operations CEC Kindergarten)
Education Ventures Sdn Bhd

I purchased a Pandora PX-4 by Korg from G.SUS, ending my long hunt for a good deal. Their 'at least 10% discount members priviledge' caught much of my attention. A few exchange of emails and phone calls later, we made arrangements so i could test out the little box (PX-4). Their service is very good.

I hooked my electric guitar into the box (PX-4)and listened via a Tascam wireless headphone which was thrown in with the offer! I also tested the box (PX-4) in their studio. I walked out with the PX-4 with more than 10% off.

They will definately be in my top priority for future gears and other consultancy.

Alvin Bong, gsus dot biz member
Putera Aman Assembly

I'm personally pleased to see such effort on your part to bless the churches with this wonderful website of yours. I believe many church musicians are going to find helpful material and courses here to enhance their worship and music ministry.

I also like to commend your professionalism and competency in servicing the music needs of our church, from sound management in our concerts to minor inquiries. Indeed, you have what it takes to carry out your offerings in your website with such efficiency and effectiveness. You deliver, man! Keep it up.

Rev. Julian Low
Music & Youth Pastor
Praise City Church

"Thanks for your support! As with most churches we may not have the expertise and exposure to products that are suitable. Most of the time we end up spending funds on equipment that don't suit our purpose accurately. Having professional advice and time to try out the product helps in making decisions that eliminates mistakes. Will definitely recommend your services to other churches and any other organization."

Mui Kok Wai
Musician with SS Methodist Church

Shalom to all G.sus staffs,

Thank you for all your prompt services and fast delivery of the drum set. Good recommendations!

After using it for 3 months, we found the Sonor drum set is really solid and has got the "ummph" sound. Would highly recommend all churches to use it for the better sound and economical price.

Thank you once again for your kind assistance.
God bless you.

In Christ,

Ps Tommy Ting
Subang Christian Fellowship

The team at G.SUS are in love with Jesus! We found them to be professional in their services, Christ-centred in their business ethics, adaptable, and possessing a sincere servant's heart. G.SUS is a business but it is much, much more - it is a ministry to the Body of Christ.

Rev. Dr. Peter Chin
Moderator, English Speaking Presbytery, Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia
Senior Pastor and Founder of Gospel Esplosion Presbyterian Church

Ps. Koshy Thomas
Co-founder of Gospel Esplosion Presbyterian Church

"G SUS, in particular Timothy Lee produced and recorded my 2 albums Every Time I Pray and Shining Stars. His job included arranging the songs and preparing the MIDI file for approval. Once the arrangement was approved, he did all the live recording of instruments and voices at his own studio. When all the recordings were completed, a sound engineer was brought in to mix the entire album. In total, 24 songs were recorded from my 2 albums at GSUS Studio with Timothy as the producer. Those of you who have heard my albums will find that he has done a good job."

Pastor Ng Wah Lok
Tung Ling Seminary

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