Music Training

Church music is totally different from secular music. Besides the performance, there are spiritual aspects to be considered and trained. The understanding of related scriptures and liturgy, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and a teachable attitude are vital in Christian service. Our training incorporate these elements while stressing the importance of developing musical skills. We base our materials on Christian contemporary songs, hymns, and instrumentals. These music courses are conducted on-site in modules. Students may participate regardless of their level.

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Instruments in worship 1,2&3

Training of instrument skills on the drums, bass, acoustic or electric guitar, piano and synthesizer. Level 1 is for the total beginner, while Level 2&3 are for those with music background or have been playing for more than a year.

Music Education for Singers 1&2

Ear training for singers and musicians. Also included are music theory for better comprehension of music. Singers will improve greatly on their timing, pitching and role in an ensemble/band.


Ensemble/band in worship 1&2

Being a skillful musician does not equal to the ensemble/band sounding good. Proper coordination between musicians and the arrangement of music contributes to a “happening” band.

Sound Engineering 1&2

A training sorely lacking in many music department. How many times have a well rehearsed song, sermon or drama been “killed” by the sound system team?

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Specialized Modules

We also provide training to music directors, semi-pro musicians and those who are interested in specialized courses. These classes are customized to suit the students needs.

Harmony 1,2&3

A must for music teachers who want their music theory to come alive! An ear opener course that will put all the juicy jazz chords in your repertoire.


Improvisation skills 1&2

A course for those interested in creating lead or solo lines. Spontaneously create new melodies unto the Lord or for sacred worship.

MIDI programming

Understand MIDI and use it for producing minus ones, song compositions, drama scoring and more!


Music Arranging 1&2

Every piece of music has to be arranged before it is performed or recorded. Students will learn about instrumentation, various genre of music and their standard clichés. Suitable for music directors or aspiring music arrangers.

Notation software

A study to use computers and software to notate music. Excellent for creating professional tidy music scores to print or to send over the internet!


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